Men, Stop Wearing Ill-fitting Clothes

Stop wearing clothes too big for your body size

Half of my male friends don’t like to shop, and the ones that do prefer to shop online than in stores. I’d say that just a few things in this world are worse than a guy who doesn’t like to shop, but each time he does, eventually ends up with clothes that are either humongous or way too small for his body size.

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We can’t over-emphasizing on what getting the right clothing size for your build does to your overall appearance. It makes you look smarter, elongates your frame, accentuates your right features and ultimately makes you look more confident. If the initial intention was not to go for an oversized shirt, jean or jacket, then please don’t do it, because “oversized” and “too large” are two different styles.

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Yes, it can be confusing to keep track of the different size charts that are out there; from Europe to USA, to UK, to Canada and the rest. What qualifies as a size small in one is definitely not the same in the other, so this makes it all the more complicated to learn how to buy clothes that fit your body size.

So, what’s the trick in knowing one’s correct clothing size?

Know your measurements

The safest way is to know your measurements. If you have a measuring tape at home, measure and write down your measurements; chest, shoulder, neck, sleeve length, thigh, inseam, waist, hips, length. You may add a bit of weight or lose some, but your inches from shoulder to shoulder remain pretty much consistent. Send this to yourself as an email so that it’s accessible to you at any time.

Measure your best fitting items

You might say “I don’t know how to measure myself” “It’s tricky”, but you’ve probably got a pair of jeans, chinos or shirt that fits you perfectly. Measure it and store the details in your personal email.

Get a tailor

Finally, get a good tailor. This is even more necessary for men who don’t have the mannequin perfect silhouette that most retail stores cater to. When you’ve got your measurements down but go to the stores and still do not find the perfect fitting item, this is when your tailor comes to the rescue. With a good tailor, you don’t need to compromise on quality clothing items that you really want because they are a size too big. A good tailor will know exactly where and how to take in the seams so that they end up fit-perfect for you.

As always, it’s a better investment to shop for quality and a great fit than to shop just brand names.

Incorporate these to your shopping habits. They’ll surely help you make more rewarding purchases 😉



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    It?¦s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I?¦m happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Soyez Fleek (Post author)


      I’m glad it was helpful. Just as easy as it is to make a wrong choice about the size, it’s equally that easy to fix it by always having that info handy in your wallet.

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