Get ready to look great, feel great and be great! Let’s define a personal style that says in one look who you are and where you’re headed.

In this step, we will determine which colours, cuts and shapes look best on you.


The first step to building a great wardrobe is discovering which colours are most suited to you. Therefore, based on your natural coloring – hair, skin and eyes, we will determine this by contrasting and comparing a series of drapes against your skin.

This process will reveal which colours flatter and enhance your natural colouring. A takeaway from this will be valuable guides on colours to choose for shirts, jackets and neutrals, whether casual or formal.

You will also learn how to combine your colours to give the best effect, and which metals to choose for watches, frames and jewellery.


The next will be to look at your proportions and body shape in order to determine which cuts, styles, and detailing work best for you.

Advice will be provided on which patterns, fabrics, and accessories will give you your best look, as well as which frames, hairstyles, and collar shapes to choose for your face shape.

At the end of this session, you will

  • Understand your natural colouring and which colours best accentuates you
  • Understand the cuts and patterns that flatter your body type.
  • Discover how to put together more co-ordinated, professional and fun outfits.
  • Make faster and more efficient shopping trips.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours

Location: Your Home

Cost: 120€



Now that we’ve defined which colours and cuts work best for you, we’ll dive into this next process of checking the contents of your current wardrobe and analyzing how they suit your style preferences and lifestyle.

One by one, we will review each item to determine if it’s got a place in your wardrobe or not and leave only have items that work best for you and fit into your newly defined personal style.

You will have a wardrobe that is streamlined and functional, allowing you to move forward with clear, concise goals and a shopping list of missing items.

Where possible, we will piece together outfits from the items you have to maximise the efficiency of your wardrobe and suggest items to add to freshen and update your existing pieces.

As a follow up to the wardrobe edit, we will send a photographic record of outfits created, further outfit ideas for inspiration and a shopping list for any missing pieces identified.

The Wardrobe Decluttering can be done at the same time as the Personal Colour and Style Consultation.

Location: Your Home

Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: 300€



The personal shopping trip is our third step to improving your personal style and image.

Before we head out to shop, a detailed research based on the output from your personal consultation and wardrobe decluttering sessions would have been done. We will also facture in your budget and style preferences, all of which will guide our shopping trip and ensure that our time is well optimized and well spent.

All through the shopping experience, you will have the benefit of a professional eye giving you an honest opinion – in a kind manner :).

If however you are too busy with work and other commitments that making time out for shopping seems impossible, we will be happy to propose other personal shopping services to suit your demands. Please use our contact form to reach us for more information.

Duration: 4 Hours or 8 Hours

Cost: 300€ / 4 Hours or 550€ / 8 Hours


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