Men's fashion styling

Men’s fashion styling

Personal Styling, Shopping & Wardrobe Consultation for Men

Fashion blogs and magazines are usually targeted to younger and trendier men. This makes it difficult for older to find the right clothing that suits their lifestyle.

Growing up, I remember my dad and uncles always looking stylish, with pants, shirts and suits fitting right. Attention was given to every little detail; cuff-links, pocket squares, handkerchiefs and belts. My dad had a shoe polish for each color of his shoes and he’d polish each one so diligently that I could see my reflection through them.

But as the years went by, I could see how difficult it was for him to find quality and stylish clothing with the right cut to suit his changing physique, and this was my inspiration.

So if you are

  • Tired of old boring clothes and want a wardrobe makeover?
  • Never having an outfit to wear despite having a full wardrobe?
  • Wondering why the clothes look better on the mannequins?
  • Guilty of panic buying?
  • In need of a new style to suit a new life phase?
  • Lost or gained weight and unsure how to dress your new body?
  • Is shopping a hassle?
  • Or simply want an objective, unbiased view of your personal style?

SoyezFleek is a men’s personal style consulting brand dedicated to helping mature men dress their best selves. Our watch words are: COMFORT, STYLISH and UNIQUE.

I work with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds on a one-to-one basis helping them to achieve the look they desire, the look right for them and the results they need. So, whether you’re

  • A businessman looking to smarten your image for client-facing meetings
  • A public figure and need to always look good
  • A single man looking to start dating
  • An older man who would like to look stylish and modern but age appropriate
  • Retired but not retiring style
  • Just you and need some professional help

Then welcome to Soyez Fleek!

I believe that your individual style should align with your personal, social and professional context and be the best reflection of your personality. Adopting a 3-step process, I’ll embark on personal journey with you where we make various stops in your personal, professional and social life, gathering pertinent information to help us improve your amazing “YOU”.

Visit my styling services to learn more about my service offerings and blog page for styling tips.


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