About me

As a Nigerian living abroad, it was really difficult to find basic but trendy outfits that distinctively said “Nigeria”.

We don’t always get the opportunity to wear our exotic ankara or aso-ebi made outfits as often as we do back at home, and most times, these fabrics do not suit the weather conditions of our diasporan homes.

I was therefore inspired to create something that was practical for everyday use but also had a Nigerian element to it without expressly looking it. Something that would be instantly recognizable and relatable to Nigerians anywhere in the world. Something quality, trendy and suitable for school, work and for social events. Something that gave me the opportunity to share my rich Nigerian culture with new friends.

“Soyez Fleek” is a French & English name meaning “Be cool”. As Nigerians, our default setting is “cool” so I thought, why not wear it and share it? Our designs feature Nigeria’s most popular street slangs which have been artistically illustrated and printed against various products.

I remember the first time I went to an event my Up NEPA tote bag. The event was a reception cocktail for Nigerian startups in Paris. I had some expectations that people would react to it, but the reception I received totally blew my mind. From expats who had previously worked in Nigeria to current ones and Nigerians at the event, everyone bursted out laughing and recounting the lovely experiences they had in Nigeria.

This is the same experience I’d love Nigerians located to share. The opportunity to re-shape the conversation about Nigeria and share the richness of our diverse and rich culture…one slang at a time.

For all project enquiries, collaboration and commercial opportunities please contact: info@soyezfleek.com.

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