Four Winter Accessories for the cold

…And they are on SALES!!Winter never misses a season. Make sure your closet isn’t.

Sales seasons are the perfect time to shop quality items at significantly reduced prices. Whether you are a budget shopper or not, this is a great opportunity to grab some GREAT deals. Here is my list of four must-have winter accessories that will make the winter cold less biting.

Beanies & Caps

It’s all about trapping in our body heat in during the cold season. However, we lose a significant amount of body heat when we leave our head exposed under the cold. So whichever one your style is, be sure to grab a good, classic, quality and stylish beanie or cap for not just this season, but for many others to come. These can been worn with formal and casual outfits.

Shop Beanie by Galerie Lafayette here

Shop Tartan cap by El Ganso on Galerie Lafayette here


The hands also need protecting this season. Thankfully, with advancement in technology, the hands no longer need to suffer through the numbing cold while you respond to important emails, texts and phone calls on the go.

Shop Isotoner faux suede touchscreen gloves here


On one of my wardrobe edits, I came across something that looked more like a necklace than a scarf in a client’s wardrobe. Such kinds will not provide much comfort in very cold temperatures. Personally, I think that if you live in a region where the temperature drops 10OC degrees and below during winter, then a thick woolen scarf is a necessity. This Sandro scarf is 90% wool and 10% cashmere.

Shop Sandro scarf on Galerie Lafayette here


Ever felt that your feet and toes were literally touching the ground when outdoors in winter? Wearing a solid thick pair of socks will provide an extra layer of insulation from the harsh cold. Try the thermal socks by Columbia (available in different colors and design) for maximum warmth and comfort.

Shop 2-pattern thermal socks by Columbia on Kohl’s here


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2 Replies to “Four Winter Accessories for the cold”

  1. Chy Sylon


    I am skeptical about gloves in the winter. It feels like the cold gets trapped in the gloves and my fingers gets colder in the worst ways the longer the gloves stays on. So is it just me or it is the type of loves I buy?

    1. Soyez Fleek (Post author)


      No! It’s not just you! I’ve experienced that myself countless until I tried thermal gloves, most of which feature a fleece inner lining, thereby providing insulation for more warmth. Fleece is a sheep-skin like fabric that is 100% synthetic and derived from plastic. So try a pair thermal gloves and I’m sure you’ll feel the difference 🙂

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